How to add an image to the new products module - Oscommerce 2.3.1

Adding a new products sticker image to oscommerce is easy and give shoppers some eye candy. This is just a short tutorial with some copy and paste code to further improve your stores design.

This is meant for oscommerce 2.3 but should work just as well on oscommerce 2.2

First rght-lick and save the image below:

2 files need to be edited for this to work:

Step 1: Open catalog/stylesheet.css and paste this to the bottom:

 .bung-new {
  float: right;
  background:url('images/bung-new.gif') 0px 0px no-repeat transparent;}

Step 2: Find code which looks like and paste once (you may have to play around with placement):

$new_prods_content .= '<td width="33%"  valign="top">

After add:

<div class="bung-new"></div>

Step 3: Copy the "new product" image above to your catalog/images folder.

Now test in your browser and if all is well, then you should have an output like the below screenshot!


HTC Sensation - Carphone Warehouse woes!

As my previous posts suggest I bought a HTC Sensation, a supposedly flagship phone which I had to send back due to faults, back to mobiles.co.uk whom sent me out a replacement. The replacement phone also developed the same issues but also developed another fault where the power button will not function but the phone works as such.

As it ran out of the 28 day warranty supplied by mobiles.co.uk by 2 days, I had to take the second handset to the Carphone Warehouse who sent it off for evaluation, they say it is liquid damaged! The phone has not been near any water or any liquid so I am furious they refuse to repair my phone which I have had nothing but problems with, what a complete waste of time and money!

The two customer service guys at the local branch both had the HTC sensation too and both admitted they had sent theirs back due to issues too!

Although the specs of this phone are really good, the phone seems to be in it's infancy and if I was going to purchase another I would maybe wait for a later revision. There are many, many people suffering with the HTC Sensation that have the same faults mine both had.

I also find the customer support at the Carphone Warehouse atrocious. The local branches never ever seem to answer the phone. Why not try the Torquay branch of the Carphone Warehouse and see if you can get through?


Has your HTC Sensation started to creak?

I recently bought a HTC Sensation from Mobiles.co.uk which is actually part of the Carphone Warehouse group and  I had to send it back due to the right hand side of the screen had started to make a creaking sound when pressed after only a few days.

I also noticed the touchscreen became unresponsive at times and the graphics had artifacts when playing some 3D games and would mostly crash.

I sent it back and recieved another one after only a few days, and the same creaking noise has started to appear again, it almost makes it feel that the screen is loose and has come away from the LCD unit. But I think this particular problem maybe actually the casing becoming loose after a short time of use.

At first the phone seems to have rock solid build quality until this starts after only a few days!

Theres been reports that simply placing a thin peice of paper behind the battery can cure this. Is this a design fault?

Sigh. I will send this one back and see if a 3rd handset will have the same creaking fault.

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